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  1. Go to ‘System’ and then ‘System Settings’ (shortcode System/System Settings)

2. In a new tab log in to your elvanto account. Hopefully you have access to the admin section/settings/integrations section of the website. If not, ask a super user to log in for you and go here.

3. In the elvanto integrations section, click ‘register and app’:

App Name – “OBT youth and Kids”

Description – youth and kids app by OBT

leave the icon blank

Homepage – “https://[subdomain]

Redirect – https://[subdomain]

Click save

4. Once that is saved, you can click on the newly created integration again and it will have 2 extra pieces of information, a Client ID and a Client Secret. Copy and paste them into the settings page from the other tab you kept open (top of the page).

5. Press Save down the bottom

6. Back to elvanto, go to groups/categories

Create a new category called “OBT youth checkin”.

7. Still in elvanto, find a group that you want to include in the application. In the ‘edit’ section of that group, find the new group category in the ‘category’ box and tick the checkbox. Press save. 

You can assign more than 1 group if you want to.

8. Back to the OBT application – click System/Manage Youth Groups

You should be redirected to elvanto for you to log in. Type in your username or password (or anyones username and password).

9. You now should be redirected back to the OBT app, where it should now have a ‘youth group category’ drop down menu. Find the category you created in elvanto then press update.

It should now display a list of the groups assigned to that category

10. In System/Manage Youth Groups click update again. This should now include all the people in each group under the group titles.

11. click Checkins/Youth Check In and select a group. You can now check people in, see a list of all people checked in and also check them out. Additionally, if someone is not part of the group, you can add them to the group by pressing the ‘add person’ button.

In order for the form to work properly and check the child in immediately, you need the following fields:

– Every form you use needs to have the following fields (with exact title/label minus quotes):

– ‘First Name’    = Elvanto First Name Person field

– Last Name’    = Elvanto Last Name Person field

– ‘Mobile Number’   = Elvanto Mobile Number Person field

– ‘Allergies’     = Elvanto People custom field (as per custom field ID entered into settings)

– ‘Parent First Name’   = Elvanto ‘form custom field’

– ‘Parent Last Name’   = Elvanto ‘form custom field’

– ‘Parent Mobile’     = Elvanto ‘form custom field’