Import group attendance into Elvanto

To import information into Elvanto from your Adminosaur account, you will need Groups ‘Admin’ access in Adminosaur and some groups admin privileges in Elvanto.

1. Go to your Export tab in Group Settings. Select the groups you would like to import into elvanto, and select the date you would like this information from. Only dates where checkin information exists are listed. Press ‘export’. You will now be downloading a .csv file. If you need to edit the data at this point, see our editing guide.

2. Go to the groups ‘Import‘ section in elvanto. Select the ‘Multiple Groups‘ option.

3. Press ‘Choose file‘ and find the file you just downloaded from Adminosaur.

4. Select ‘Individual names are in a single column and last name comes first‘ and change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy. Press Continue.