Import service attendance into Elvanto

To import information into Elvanto from your Adminosaur account, you will need Nametags ‘Admin’ access in Adminosaur and some admin privileges in Elvanto.

1. Go to your Export tab in Nametag Settings. Select the service you would like to import into elvanto, and select the date you would like this information from. Only dates where checkin information exists are listed. Press ‘export’. You will now be downloading a .csv file.
If you need to edit the data at this point, see our editing guide.

2. Go to the Services ‘Import’ section in Elvanto. Select the ‘Dates Vertical’ option.

3. Decide how you want to handle new people entered during this import by selecting the appropriate fields on the import page. This process will only import the name of the person, you will be able to add their contact details later if you like.
If you are using standard services, we recommend you process all the form submissions for new people (and create the new people in your Elvanto system) before you do the service import.

4. Press ‘Choose file’ and find the file you just downloaded from Adminosaur.

5. Ensure the date format is dd/mm/yyyy. Press Continue.

6. You should now have the option to select what fields are represented in each column. The first column is ‘Full Name (Last, First)’. It may appear to have random numbers and letters in the data, but this is actually the Elvanto ID for the person, allowing us to match them directly. The second column should be Service ‘Date and Time’.

7. If you are using the ‘Registrant’ service type and added new people in this process, and want their contact details in Elvanto, use the same file to do a People ‘Import’ in Elvanto. You will be able to match columns to the name, email address and phone number of the person. When matching fields to columns, it may be helpful to tick the box ‘Only overwrite this column for existing people if the field is empty’.

NOTE: Elvanto matches the time and date of the service with what exists in Elvanto, or creates a new service if nothing matches. Unfortunately, that means if you have two services that run concurrently, Elvanto may confuse the two and match people into the wrong one. If this is going to be an issue, we suggest changing the time of one service to starting a minute later, so that elvanto can match to the correct service.