Manage Service (Registrant Service)

The Manage Service page shows a list of the people who have registered for the service including their contact details.

You will see the number of people who have registered for the service and the maximum number of people who can register.

For each registrant it allows you to:

  • View their QR code
  • Resend the QR code email
  • Remove their registration

You can press the remove all registrants button to allow a new set of people to register for a service. E.g for a service that repeats each week with new registrants.

You can click the ‘Show QR of registration URL‘ button to download a QR code of the link to the registration form for that service.

You can print out this code with instructions for registering for that service on the spot. The user will be sent the registration email allowing them to contactless checkin straight away.

You can click the ‘Download all QRs as a PDF‘ button to download a PDF of all registrants QR codes, with their names attached.

This could be printed and cut up, allowing you to hand out QR codes to church members who may not have digital access to their email, or would like a physical copy.

You can click ‘Email all Registrants‘ to send the QR code email to everyone who is currently registered for the service.

You could use this weekly to resend the QR code to people who registered for a repeating service, to make it easier for people to find the QR code in their emails.

You can import people into a registrant service by clicking the ‘Import a CSV of Registrants‘ button.

The Import requires very strict formatting so please see Use the csv import in Manage Registrants for a guide on how to format the CSV and import people properly. When people are imported they are not automatically emailed their QR code, however you can press the ‘email all registrants‘ button to send the QR code to them.