Need help setting up printing stations or Kiosks?  We can help!

We can set up hardware you have already purchased, or we can recommend, sell and set up the hardware you need*.

We define a Kiosk as a computer (or device**), an attached printer, and associated cables and infrastructure to make it work (power cables, security locks etc).


Our recommended setup is:

  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 (64GB)
  • Brother QL-700 label printer
  • Kensington lock for Surface Go 2
  • USB-C to USB2B cable


If you need help purchasing the equipment, please contact us or visit our webstore.

If you would like us to set up your hardware, we charge $150 per Kiosk.

A guide to set up a kiosk yourself can also be found here



* If you are located in Sydney. If not, contact us and we will see if we can arrange remote config/setup for you.

** Please note – iPads or Android tablets cannot function as a device in this setup, as they do not have the capacity to connect directly to a printer.

Brother QL-700 printers are great, as they work quickly, cut their own labels, don’t jam, and are quite cheap. However, replacement brother labels can be quite expensive. We suggest buying label refills (you can buy them from us) without the holder attached and placing the roll inside the printer.

You will need to ensure one of the buttons at the bottom of the printer is pressed (see photo below). You will need some bluetak or tape to stick the button down.
Additionally, we recommend placing another full label roll next to the one you are using to ensure the roll doesn’t move sideways.