Configure Allergy Information

To configure your allergy information, you will need Super admin access to your Elvanto account, and Groups ‘Admin’ access to your Adminosaur account.

1. Go to your People Categories in Elvanto, and select a people category.

2. Create a new custom field on the right hand side (if you do not already have one). The custom field needs to be a text field. Label it however you would like. Press save.

3. Go back and ‘Edit’ the new custom field by clicking the pencil next to the field on the right hand side.

4. There should be a new line under the ‘Label’ the has the ‘ID’ of the custom field. Copy and paste this ID into the ‘Allergies’ field in the Configuration tab of Group Settings.

Import group attendance into Elvanto

To import information into Elvanto from your Adminosaur account, you will need Groups ‘Admin’ access in Adminosaur and some groups admin privileges in Elvanto.

1. Go to your Export tab in Group Settings. Select the groups you would like to import into elvanto, and select the date you would like this information from. Only dates where checkin information exists are listed. Press ‘export’. You will now be downloading a .csv file.

2. Go to the groups ‘Import’ section in elvanto. Select the ‘Multiple Groups’ option.

3. Press ‘Choose file’ and find the file you just downloaded from Adminosaur.

4. Select ‘Individual names are in a single column and last name comes first’ and change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy. Press Continue.

Sync information with Elvanto

You will need to be logged in to Elvanto and have Super Admin access.
You will also need to have the User Type ‘Admin’ permission in Adminosaur.

1. On the Church Settings ‘Integrations’ tab, type your Elvanto subdomain into the ‘Elvanto Domain’ box and select your domain extension (.com or

2. In a new tab log in to your Elvanto account. Hopefully you have access to the admin section/settings/integrations section of the website. If not, ask a super user to log in for you and go here.

3. In the elvanto integrations section, click ‘register and app’:
App Name – “Adminosaur”
Description – Adminosaur
Leave the icon blank
Homepage – https://[subdomain]
Redirect – https://[subdomain]
Click save

4. Once that is saved, you can click on the newly created integration again and it will have 2 extra pieces of information, a Client ID and a Client Secret. Copy and paste them into the ‘Integrations’ page in Adminosaur.

5. Press Sync down the bottom. You will be prompted to enter your elvanto details. Type in the username and password of a super admin. You should be re-directed back to Adminosaur.
This will sync your information in Elvanto with Adminosaur.


A1: We have had issues with some version of Safari, so if you are using Safari try using Google Chrome instead
A2: Double check the Homepage and Redirect URL fields in the integrations section of Elvanto, they need to be exact. Make sure the [SUBDOMAIN] is replaced with your Adminosaur subdomain.

Sync my groups from Elvanto

1. In Elvanto, go to groups/categories.
Create a new category called “Adminosaur checkin“. (You can use your own category name if you would like, just remember what it is).

2. In Elvanto, find a group that you want to include in the application. In the ‘edit’ section of that group, find the new group category in the ‘category’ box and tick the checkbox. Press save. 
You can assign more than one group if you would like.

2. In Adminosaur – go to the Integrations tab by clicking on the Church tile on the Dashboard and navigating to the Integrations tab. Resync your Elvanto account by clicking ‘Sync’.

4. In Adminosaur – go to Groups Settings by click the cog icon on the Groups tile on the Dashboard.
Select ‘Adminosaur checkin’ from the groups category (or whatever you named the group).

5. The list of groups should now populate with the groups in the Elvanto group category.

Setup the ‘Add New Person’ Form

You will need to be logged in to Elvanto and have access to the ‘Forms’ section.
You will also need to have the Groups ‘Admin’ permission in Adminosaur.

1. Add a new form in Elvanto. Title it however you would like.

2. Add the form fields you would like to have on the form. You MUST include the following fields, but can have additional fields if you would like. The fields can be in any order.

  • ‘First Name’    = Elvanto First Name Person field
  • Last Name’    = Elvanto Last Name Person field
  • ‘Mobile Number’   = Elvanto Mobile Number Person field
  • ‘Allergies’     = Elvanto People custom field (as per custom field ID entered into the ‘Configuration‘ tab)
  • ‘Parent First Name’   = Elvanto ‘form custom field’
  • ‘Parent Last Name’   = Elvanto ‘form custom field’
  • ‘Parent Mobile’     = Elvanto ‘form custom field’

3. Click ‘Embed’ up the top right of the forms page in Elvanto.
In the ‘Link’ section, you should see a URL in the style of 
Copy the form id from this URL.

4. Open up the Groups Settings section in Adminosaur by clicking the cog icon on the Groups tile on the Dashboard.
Paste the Elvanto form ID into the ‘Form ID’ field of the relevant group. Ensure you only include the form-id part of the URL, not the rest of it.

By repeating this process, you can have a different form for every group if you would like.


This page shows you your subscription and billing details.

Active Until – This is the date you will next be billed for your subscription.

Delete Subscription – This allows you to delete your account. All your information will be removed from the Adminosaur system.

Update Subscription – This button ‘Saves’ the subscription details outlined above the button. If you would like to make changes to your subscription, select the new plans in the drop down’s above, then press this button.

Update Payment – This button allows you to update the card used for billing purposes.


You need to have the Groups ‘Admin’ permission to access this section. You will also need to have already conducted a sync with Elvanto before you can use this page properly.

On this page you can set up the groups that appear in the Adminosaur system. The drop down allows you to select the Elvanto Group Category you would like to use. See Sync my groups from Elvanto.

You will be able to select whether you want the ‘Parent Prompt’ for each group. This prompt appears when you are checking in a child, prompting the user to select an adult who is delivering the child to the group.

You will also be able to insert the Form ID for each group, which allows new people to be added to each group. See Setup the ‘Add New Person’ Form.

Group Settings

You need to have the Groups ‘Admin’ permission to access this section. You will also need to have already conducted a sync with Elvanto before you can use some of these settings.

There are three tabs in group settings:

Groups allows you to configure the groups in your account.
Configuration allows you to configure other settings for this module.
Export allows you to export the checkin information.