Use a Registrant Service

To use a registrant service you will need the ‘Nametags – Admin’ permission

This Guide assumes you have already have a registrant service. If you don’t have one please see Add a Registrant Service.

Go to “Nametags Settings-> Services, and click on the registrant service you want to use.

One of the first things you will need to do once you have created a registrant service is to set the number of people you want to be able to register for a service in the Maximum Registrants field. Putting a value of 0 in this field will remove the limit on the number of people who can register.

Now you are ready for people to start registering for the service. On the Service settings page press the “Registration Link” button to copy the link to the registration page. You can now paste the link into an email or any other distribution platform to send out to your congregation so that they can register themselves for the service. The “Registration Form” button will also take you to the registration form where you can register people for the service yourself. Learn more about this by visiting the Registration Form page.

Once people start registering go to the “Manage Service” page by pressing the “Manage” button on the “Services Settings” page. This page will show everyone who has registered for the service and allow you to manage these registrations. The buttons to the right of each registration allow you to view the QR code for each person, resend the QR code email to a registrant and delete a registrant.

The red button above the list of registrants on the right hand side will delete all registrants from the service. This will not delete the records of who checked in to a specific service. You may choose to do this if you want new people to be able to register for a service that repeats each week with new registrants.

Once people have registered to attend the service they can scan their QR codes at a check-in device. If you want to print off name-tags for people when they check-in we recommend setting up a dedicated kiosk for this purpose. For more information on this please see Configure a Printing Kiosk or please Contact Us.

If you don’t want to print name-tags all you need is a device with a camera that is on the check-in page for the service. To scan the code simply point the camera at the QR code.