Check-in a person (Nametags)

To check a person in to a service you will need to go to the ‘Select a Service’ page. There are two ways to do this, the first is to select the Nametags tile on the Dashboard (you will need an account with ‘Nametags – All Services’ or ‘Nametags – Admin’ permission). The second is to navigate directly to “https://[yoursubdomain]”. The second method does not require you to be signed into an account

Select the service you want to check people in to. If it does not exist, contact an admin and ask them to Add A Service.

You will now see the Checkin page. Type the name of the person you want to check-in and select their name in the drop down list. A nametag will now print, or if the person is associated with a family, the family check-in list will appear. If the family list appears, select the family members you want to check-in, and then press ‘Print Nametag’.

If the person is new, select ‘I’m New’, fill out the form and press ‘Print Nametag’.

If nametag printing is disabled, the ‘Print Nametag’ button is replaced with a ‘Checkin’ button

If you are using a registrant service instead of typing in a person’s name you can scan their QR code to check them in. If the person is associated with a family you will still need to select the family members to checkin.

If you are signed into an account that has ‘Nametags – All Services’ or ‘Nametags – Admin’ permission, you will see a grey box to the right of the name field. For a standard service, this box shows you the total number of people relative to the counter limit (if set) and the number of new people who have checked in. For a registrant service it shows the total number of people relative to the registrant limit (if set) and shows how many of the people checked in registered and how many didn’t.

Clicking on the grey box will bring up a list of the people checked in listing them under the relevant headings shown in the box. Clicking on a name will show their contact details and allow you to undo their checkin. If for example they were checked in by accident.

For more information or help, please contact us.