Check-in a person (Nametags)

To check a person in to a service, you need to select the Nametags tile on the Dashboard (you will need the ‘Nametags – All Services’ or ‘Nametags – Admin’ permission). This will take you to the ‘Select a Service’ page.

Select the service you want to check people in to. If it does not exist, contact an admin and ask them to Add A Service.

You will now see the Checkin page. Type the name of the person you want to check-in, and select their name in the drop down list. A nametag will now print, or if the person is associated with a family, the family check-in list will appear. If the family list appears, select the family members you want to check-in, and then press ‘Print Nametag’.

If the person is new, select ‘I’m New’, fill out the form and press ‘Print Nametag’.