Config (Nametags)

In the Config tab of the Nametags module you can setup and edit the following:

I’m New form

For more information on setting up the ‘I’m New’ form see Setup the ‘I’m New’ form

Custom checkin text

Here you can toggle whether you want to replace the text on the checkin page with your own custom text.

There are three sections of text that can be customised; the text at the top of the page, and the I’m new form on both standard and registrant services.

Please note that there is a character limit on these text boxes and that the custom text will be the same for all services.

Online and Self-Service Checkin Toggles

Here you can enable online and self service check in. To find out more about online and self service check in see Check-in a person (Nametags).

Play sound on checkin

Here you can select whether you want a sound to play when people successfully checkin.

Select which size of labels you want to use

Here you can select the width of labels that you are using.

If you don’t want to print nametags you can disable this feature by selecting “No Labels.”

Click the ‘size of labels’ link above for more information.

Change the nametag layout

Here you can change the layout of printed nametags. There are three options to choose from: 

  1. Preferred Name only
  2. Preferred Name on top, Last Name on bottom
  3. Preferred Name on top, Full Name on bottom

If the person doesn’t have a preferred name, the first name will be used instead. 

Registration reply-to email

Here you can add a Reply-To email address to registration emails. If set, users who Reply or Reply All to the confirmation message with thr QR code will reply to the address you nominate. 

Toggle allowing registrants to deregister themselves

Adds a link at the bottom of the registration email allowing registrants to deregister themselves from the service.

Custom registration email text

Allows you to add custom text below the QR code on the registration email. Please note that there is a character limit of 500 characters, including code for styles, fonts, line breaks, etc.