Sync my groups from Elvanto

1. In Elvanto, go to groups/categories.

Create a new category called “Adminosaur checkin“. (You can use your own category name if you would like, just remember what it is).

2. In Elvanto, find a group that you want to include in the application. In the ‘EDIT’ section of that group, find the new group category in the ‘category’ box and tick the checkbox. Press SAVE

You can assign more than one group if you would like.

3. In Adminosaur – go to the Integrations tab by clicking on the Church tile on the Dashboard and navigating to the Integrations tab. Resync your Elvanto account by clicking ‘SYNC‘.

4. In Adminosaur – go to Groups Settings by click the cog icon on the Groups tile on the Dashboard.

Select ‘Adminosaur checkin‘ from the groups category (or whatever you named the group).

5. The list of groups should now populate with the groups in the Elvanto group category.