Sync information with Elvanto

You will need to be logged in to Elvanto and have Super Admin access.
You will also need to have the User Type ‘Admin’ permission in Adminosaur.

1. On the Church Settings ‘Integrations’ tab, type your Elvanto subdomain into the ‘Elvanto Domain’ box and select your domain extension (.com or

2. In a new tab log in to your Elvanto account. Hopefully you have access to the admin section/settings/integrations section of the website. If not, ask a super user to log in for you and go here.

3. In the elvanto integrations section, click ‘register and app’:
App Name – “Adminosaur”
Description – Adminosaur
Leave the icon blank
Homepage – https://[subdomain]
Redirect – https://[subdomain]
Click save

4. Once that is saved, you can click on the newly created integration again and it will have 2 extra pieces of information, a Client ID and a Client Secret. Copy and paste them into the ‘Integrations’ page in Adminosaur.

5. Press Sync down the bottom. You will be prompted to enter your elvanto details. Type in the username and password of a super admin. You should be re-directed back to Adminosaur.
This will sync your information in Elvanto with Adminosaur.